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We listen to you and craft a solution to solve the problem that has kept you awake at night. No generic software need apply.


We follow industry best practices. No need to reinvent the wheel.


We are pragmatic and use our decades of experience to deliver your program without a lot of ceremony.

We are passionate about process improvement and continually seek tools and frameworks that will help our clients increase efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, cut costs, increase profits, and make a larger impact.

"I had the pleasure of giving many development jobs to Roberto, and consistently received solid programs that hit the mark in terms of usability, function and quality. Having directed many developers, I have grown accustomed to identifying and compensating for each person's limitations in terms of capabilities and skill. With Roberto, I never felt like I had to adjust my expectations. Whatever we could envision and throw at him for requirements, he always seemed to pull it off -- even if it wasn't in his skill set. He has the ability to perform any task in the Software Development Life Cycle, and has a "super-power" for solving problems. He has my highest recommendation. "

Timothy Kirby, PMP
Database Manager

"Roberto Lopez is your best option for getting website software completed with excellence, expertise, and in a shorter time frame. From the core architecture to the web interface details, you will be pleased with the results. Roberto is familiar with various development frameworks and discusses the best ones for your environment. We have contracted with Roberto, here at UCLA Capital Programs, on over 10 different website applications over the past 5 years. Software projects such as project management and construction management website, contracts request, tracking and document generation website, document management and workflow tracking website, inspections request and tracking website, policies tracking website, delegations tracking websites, planroom repository website, and a central single sign-on system. In the end, our software is viewed with excellence by users and management and is also competitive to other more expensive products in the marketplace. Our success, the largest credit for this, is due to Roberto."

Stephen Mills
IT Manager

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